BABES BITCHES & QUEENS is both an empowerment programme and a new artistic project. It invites you to explore your dark and golden shadow traits with me to create a Superpower Archetype that will help you navigate these strange times with more ease. And this archetype will not only relate personally, but also help you nail your focus for positive social change.

Across four confidential online sessions, we’ll dive into archetypes such as the lover, healer, mother, whore and warrior – to become personal allies and art. The project is my response to the unprecedented times that we’re in, where isolation, overwhelm and social/environmental injustice have taken on a new urgency. Shadow work is also a rewarding creative endeavour, which is why I’ve channelled it through my artistic practice for over 25 years. And most recently in Babes & Bitches (2013/4) where I hustled with my shadow to reveal more of myself and create the characters shown here.

Now I’m inviting you. Join me for these empowering and inspiring 1:1 sessions.
Commencing in January, the current programme is full.
REGISTER FOR FUTURE PROGRAMMES HERE: (und gerne auch in Deutsch).

If you identify as a woman then please come along Gorgeous One!
Or perhaps you feel unseen, unheard or exhausted? You’ll not only reveal your Superpowers (hell yeah!) but ways to reclaim, nurture them and use them for the social good.

Specifically, if you’re keen to explore feminine archetypes, boost your creative potential, discover more about yourself and gain tools to navigate these strange times, then it’s for you. Each of us embodies both the masculine and feminine and we’ll explore the spaces beyond gender identity and classification. Shadow work can be dark and challenging, however I’ve developed methods that make it not only approachable and gentle, but also sexy and fun.

To explore or reveal your superpower. Superpower?
Think: Batwoman / Kali / Hecate / Venus / Mami Wata meets YOU!
Our Superpowers are revealed by diving into shadow work and archetypes.

ARCHETYPES are universal ‘original patterns’ found across cultures and epochs. They are embedded in our psyche and society. They are the stuff of myths, dreams, literature, film and advertising and crucially relevant today because every action and encounter we have is informed by them. And beyond the known archetypes (i.e. witch), superheroes (Batwoman) and deities (Isis), I’d love to dream up new archetypes for the times we’re in – and for social change.

To reveal your superpower, I’ll facilitate four experiential sessions across 2 months. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll find the right time to connect via zoom. The sessions are 1-2 hours and are confidential: simply you and I via zoom voice (and video). I don’t record any sessions, but I’ll take notes, many of which you’ll receive.

In the sessions I’ll guide you through a series of exercises, meditations and questions that address your dark and golden shadow traits, including your resonance with society’s collective shadow (big concerns such as ecocide and partriarchy). You’ll also receive exercises to reflect upon between sessions.
My approach is interdisciplinary and draws on many traditions. It goes beyond the usual 1:1 zoom session! We’ll explore it creatively through enquiry, reflection, embodiment, meditation, dreamwork and art. So yes – it’s also fun, inspiring, sexy and empowering!

The archetype I create through our collaboration may inform an artwork. It will begin as prose (your very own motto) and may even become a text-based artwork or drawing informed by you (see Babes & Bitches). If so, you’ll have the first opportunity to acquire a print (or multiple) of the artwork.

In brief, shadow work is about freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs, acknowledging what scares us and befriending what we hide, repress or deny. These aspects include our shame, fears and judgements but also our hidden potentials, our superpowers. They are often obscured, buried in our unconscious and are revealed and liberated through dreamwork, artistic practice, psychoanalysis or meditative enquiry.

The shadow was defined by the Swiss Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung in the early 1900s and evolved from Jung’s study into dreams and archetypes – but its history dates back to all ancient cultures. My approach is interdisciplinary and draws on many traditions. We’ll explore it creatively through enquiry, reflection, embodiment, meditation, dreamwork and art.

For us to dream new archetypes into being and address society’s collective shadow (the shadow of the world, an inherited experience) we first need to look at our own.

We’ll take a caring look at your dark and golden shadow through a transformative lens. While the process is usually liberating, some things could be challenging or emotionally triggering. If so, I’ll suggest ways to address this, either during our sessions or in your own time.

Therapy, counselling or coaching. Nor is it the in-depth shadow work explored with a psychotherapist. If you are currently in crisis or working through deep trauma, then this isn’t for you.

A recent participant and prominent Kenyan had this to say about the sessions:

“Thank you so much for these wonderful sessions of self-revelation. Your calm presence and methods made me feel comfortable and were more creative than the interviews I’m used to. It was also therapeutic without the pressure of over-analysing. I’ve since unleashed my ‘Divine Rebel’ and she’s coming with me!”

REGISTER FOR FUTURE PROGRAMMES HERE (und gerne auch in Deutsch).

Stiftung Kunstfonds through Neustart Kultur.