The Letting Go: Day 1, Annes's Shame, 2014

2016, Day 1, Anne’s Letting Go, 2013, fibre based print, 40 x 40cm

October 21 – November 19, 2016.
Wagner+Partner | Berlin

What does it mean, to have a body and to form an identity? This group exhibition addresses this question in numerous ways: through photography, installation, film and painting – and by artists across three generations.

Artists: Andreea Cioran • Izabella Gustowska • Ren Hang • Eckart Hahn • Natascha Stellmach

Stellmach’s floor to ceiling installation of a selection of photographs and testimonials from The Letting Go** reveal participants’ oft-fragile and frequently powerful relationship towards their bodies and being. Amidst all the wrinkled paper images and text, the one framed work ‘Shame’ also goes beyond the personal in its role as a wound, by taking on a current and culturally political relevance. Susanne Massmann

**The Letting Go is an ongoing project in which Stellmach guides participants through an artistic-somatic process, which harnesses the act of tattooing as part of a holistic experience
See THE LETTING GO for more information.


Installation view detail The Letting Go, Galerie Wagner+Partner Berlin


Installation view detail The Letting Go, Galerie Wagner+Partner Berlin, 2016


Installation view detail The Letting Go, Galerie Wagner+Partner Berlin


Installation view detail The Letting Go with view to Gustowska’s installation , Galerie Wagner+Partner Berlin


Natascha Stellmach, Day 1, Annes’s Letting Go, 2014, photographic print on Baryta, 40 x 40 cm, Ed. 1/5 + 2AP

Monopol | Nackte Identitäten, Review by Shanta Sina Branca