Natascha Stellmach, 2019, Me and Moira, Nairobi (Twinning Residents Stellmach + Moira Bushkimani), 51 x 41 cm, archival pigment print, Ed. 1/5 + 2AP, Custom Tassie Oak Box Frame

February 20 – March 5, 2023

The Giant Steps Art Auction includes a previously unexhibited work of mine, created with artist Moira Bushkimani during a Goethe Institut artist residency in Kenya (more on the residency below). The auction proceeds go to supporting the wonderful work that Giant Steps do for children with autism. Bid for Me and Moira, Nairobi until March 5 and you’ll be supporting this great cause.

The auction includes works by 30 artists: Maree Clarke, Callum Morton, Susan COHN, Robert Ashton, Samantha Everton, Mark James Minty, Lulu Pinkus, Andy Taylor, Sally Ross, Michael Wolfe, Lisa Roet, Robyn Rich, Paul Buwaŋbuwaŋ Gurruwiwi among others. If you’re in Melbourne, join us in St Kilda at the Art Auction Soirée on March 5.

Me and ‘Me and Moira, Nairobi’ (Twinning Residents Stellmach + Moira Bushkimani), 51 x 41 cm, archival pigment print, Ed. 1/5 + 2AP, Custom Tassie Oak Box Frame, 2019

Me and Moira, Nairobi was created during my Sana Sanaa arts residency, supported by Goethe Institute and in association with Brush Tu Artist Collective. This inaugural “twinning” or reciprocal artist residency was unique because of its focus on cultural exchange and mentoring: one artist was selected from Germany (lucky me) to live and work in Nairobi for 2 months and another from Kenya to do the same in Berlin: Moira Bushkimani. We were both concurrently in Berlin and Nairobi.

And these are our hands.
(It was fun, performative and didn’t involve a tripod: I wanted to capture the spirit of collaboration and gratitude with a picture of our hands. In Kenya we painted them, placed them against the exquisite wall at Brush Tu Art Studio; in Germany we simply opened them towards “Der Himmel über Berlin” [Berlin’s sky], I juggled taking the photos with one hand, while the other was in it).

THE RESIDENCY: Special thanks to Michael Maria Müller, the founder of Sana Sanaa and Goethe Institut Kenya for this extraordinary opportunity. More thanks in this INSTAGRAM post.

Natascha Stellmach + Moira Bushkimani

Me and Moira, Berlin, Twinning Residents Natascha Stellmach + Moira Bushkimani, 2019

Natascha Stellmach Press Tagesspiegel

Tagesspiegel article by Pauline Frost, October 7, 2019

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