Playdate Workshop, Berlin, silent green Kulturquartier, 2017 © Natascha Stellmach


PLAYDATE | Experiential Workshop
From 2 hours – 2 days

Feel stuck? Uninspired?
Want more juiciness?

What would Dr Seuss do in this situation? Pema Chödron

PLAYDATE is a movement-based workshop for those who wish to embrace the curious and utterly present childlike mind, going beyond silliness and into deep play. We move, meditate, dance, connect and write on the body. We talk very little.


Playdate was so much fun! It was easy and wild and tender and warm.
Tina, Cultural Space Director

Natascha created an effortless space for us – in an unobtrusive and endearing manner – showing us how enjoyable it is, when we abandon our habits and approach others with curiosity. Perfect for daily life and at work. Thank you! Thomas, Software Sales Manager

Would you like to embody more play and spontaneity in the way you relate to yourself and others? 
Embracing the curiosity of children, and yet remaining conscious of boundaries, come experiment with degrees of intimacy (across yourself and others) through music, dance, touch, games of chance, writing on the body and other antics. These embodiment techniques can help us tap into the creatively wild, quiet and adorable creature that we are – to strengthen our relationships with others and ourselves.

Swept up in the deepest states of play, one feels balanced, creative, focussed. Diane Ackerman

Natascha Stellmach



Natascha Stellmach is an artist, mentor and coach with a practice dedicated to examining human vulnerability, intimacy and transformation.

Her artistic career across photography and performance, therapeutic background in pain and stress management, and 2.5 decades of experience have highlighted the value of humour, imperfection and silence.

Her work is held in international collections, has been celebrated in notable exhibitions such as Documenta Kassel, MACBA Barcelona and ACP Sydney, and has been supported by The Australia Council, Arts Victoria, Melbourne University and Goethe Institute, amongst others. Stellmach regularly lectures and mentors and is currently an Australia Council Peer Assessor.

Since 2012 she has been performing the artistic-somatic work The Letting Go, in various settings from museums to private sessions.